Tips for Sellers

Not quite sure where to start?

Here are a few tips to help you make educated home selling decisions

  • Prepare to sell your home
    • Manage your money by preparing to save for paying the real estate commission. The current going rate in Muskoka/Almaguin Highlands is 5% + HST of the sale price. You will also need to save for lawyers fees, moving fees, any projects that need to be completed in your home.
    • Hire a LOCAL REALTOR. Don’t hire your best friend or Aunt in Toronto to sell your Muskoka property! They don’t know the market! Do your homework, interview at least 3 local REALTORS and make a decision based on what they can offer you!
  • Arriving at a List Price
    • Your REALTOR will do their homework and present you with recent solds comparable to your home and your current market competition. You can then collaboratively discuss and arrive at a list price of your home.
    • At this point you will also sign a Listing Agreement with your REALTOR
  • Listing your home
    • Discuss getting your home ready to market. Your REALTOR will give you great tips on how to get your home ready to sell. Remember, they see homes everyday and they know what it takes to sell. Their job is to sell your home for the maximum amount the current market will allow.
    • It’s best to create a timeline with your REALTOR so expectations are outlined. This timeline might include decluttering your home inside and outside, painting, finishing small projects, a professional clean etc.
    • Gather as much information about your home. Find your paperwork regarding recent property taxes, utility bills, surveys (and septic and well documents if applicable) The more info you have about your home the easier it is for your REALTOR to sell your home!
  • Market your home
    • Tell your friends, your family, your colleagues. Let everyone you know that you are selling!
    • Your REALTOR will put up signs, post your home on traditional media and social media, MLS,, Kijiji. They may also network with other REALTORS, offer VIRTUAL open houses and walk throughs. They should also provide professional photography AND protect you against COVID 19 by pre-screening potential buyers.
    • Be ready for showing requests. Be accommodating! It’s always advised to let as many potential buyers and REALTORS through your home as possible.
  • Receiving an Offer
    • Congratulations! You have a received a signed offer from an interested buyer! Your REALTOR will go through the offer with you and explain it’s contents. It’s time to start negotiating your sale!
    • Once both parties come to an agreement, the offer will be accepted. It’s time to hire a lawyer. Be accommodating to your buyers. They may need permission for a home inspection and for further walk throughs! Remember, buyers get pretty excited!
    • Close the sale. Timelines are crucial so make sure you are ready to move by closing day. Your lawyer and REALTOR will navigate you through the closing process.